‘Yoga My Pride’ photography contest marks International Day of Yoga 2023

‘Yoga My Pride’ photography contest marks International Day of Yoga 2023

The “Yoga My Pride” Photography Contest has been organised by the Indian Ministry of AYUSH (MoA) and Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to raise awareness about Yoga and to inspire people to prepare for and become active participants in the observation of International Day of Yoga 2023 – on June 21.

The contest will support participation via the MyGov platform of the Government of India (GoI) and will be open to participants from all over the world. The deadline for entries is June 30 and the contest includes Male & Female Categories for:

  • Youth (below 18 years)

  • Adult (18 years and above)

  • Yoga Professionals

For each of the above categories, Stage 1 will cover country-specific prizes to be announced by the Indian Mission in the respective country. Stage 2 will involve Global prize winners, selected from the winners of the different countries.

Judging will be carried out in two stages – shortlisting and final evaluation by a committee constituted by MoA and Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN). The Indian Missions in the respective countries will finalise three winners in each category of the contest, and this will be a shortlisting process in the overall context of the contest.

The winners from each country will go on to figure in the list of the entries for global evaluation, to be coordinated by ICCR. The Indian Missions may carry out the evaluation based on the contest guidelines, and finalise the winners of their respective countries. In case a large number of entries are expected, a two-stage evaluation is suggested, with a larger committee for the initial screening.

Prominent and reputed Yoga experts of the respective countries may be invited for the final country-specific evaluation to select three winners for each category, after the deadline on June 30, 1700 hrs IST.

The Country-specific winners shall become eligible for the Global prizes, details of which will be announced shortly.

Country-Specific Prizes:

A. India

  1. First Prize – INR 100000/-

  2. Second Prize – INR 75000/-

  3. Third Prize – INR 50000/-

Other Countries

To be determined and communicated by local country Missions.


‘Yoga My Pride’ photography contest marks International Day of Yoga 2023
International Day of Yoga 2023 returns to Trafalgar Square in London

B. Global Prize

The top 3 entries from each country are further considered for global-level prizes.

  1. First Prize – $1000/-

  2. Second Prize – $750/-

  3. Third Prize – $500/-

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