Labour Party group debunks Indian political hand in Leicester violence

Labour Party group debunks Indian political hand in Leicester violence

The Labour Convention of Indian Organisations (LCIO) has sought to debunk “baseless narratives” doing the rounds since incidents of violence in Leicester, including baseless allegations of interference by political forces in India.

The Labour Party diaspora focussed organisation, which was revived recently as a crucial resource to “inclusively” connect British Indians to the Labour Party and to engage with India as an “equal partner”, appealed for unity beyond politics and background to ensure peace in a historically harmonious city.

In a statement issued this week, the LCIO said it was “deeply saddened” by the incidents of violence, which it fears is now fuelling religious hatred in the communities.

The statement reads: “Having spoken to locals, it seems extremist groups are pushing 3 baseless narratives:

  • That diversity in the UK has failed

  • That the disturbances are being orchestrated by forces from India

  • That historic differences mean that we can’t live together peacefully as one community

“These are problematic as this will only polarise a once harmonious community, even further. These narratives have caused a local issue to spill over into places such as Birmingham.

“Community leaders from all sides are pleading for an end to this violence so that Leicester and its people may live in peace again.


Labour Party group debunks Indian political hand in Leicester violence
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“Now is the time for people regardless of identity, politics and background to come together on this issue.

“We at LCIO are not after votes or political point scoring, but have spoken with people in Leicester and are relaying their concerns.”

It follows an open letter from Leicestershire Police appealing for calm and highlighting that active patrols remain in place in the city.

“We have plans in place for upcoming festivals such as Navratri & Diwali,” the police said, in response to concerns expressed for the upcoming Hindu festivals.

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