UK-India naval defence cooperation hits new milestone

UK-India naval defence cooperation hits new milestone

Lieutenant Commander N. Dinesh Anand of the Indian Navy has become the first Indian officer to conduct training at the Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) Dartmouth in south-west England.

Lt Cdr Anand took over this week as Divisional Training Officer, an assignment which will involve him training Royal Naval Officer Cadets in crucial skills. The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) said that while the UK and India have a long tradition of working together as allies, this is the first time an Indian officer has worked at BRNC Dartmouth – a premier defence training institution of Britain.

The MoD said the role of Divisional Training Officer means Lt Cdr Anand will be a key part of a division/class of Naval Officer Cadets to transform them from civilians to Naval Officers. This training will include navigation, seamanship and leadership training.

The Indian Navy spokesperson said in a statement: “In a significant step bolstering India-UK defence cooperation, Lt Cdr N. Dinesh Anand, Indian Navy, joins Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth as Divisional Training Officer.

“As the first Indian Instructor at the premier UK training establishment, the officer would play a pivotal role in fostering friendship and interoperability between the Indian Navy and Royal Navy.”

BRNC Dartmouth, located in the county of Devon, serves as the initial training establishment for officers in the Royal Navy and is renowned as the premier officer training academy in the UK. According to the MoD, it plays a vital role in defence by providing Initial Officer Training and ongoing leadership development. The college also supports defence diplomacy efforts by training international officers. Its overarching goal is to produce courageous leaders with the determination to succeed in combat, enduring leadership training, and support to defence diplomacy outputs through the training of International officers.


UK-India naval defence cooperation hits new milestone
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Throughout its history, BRNC Dartmouth prides itself as having evolved and expanded its courses, and trained officers for the Royal Navy, adapting to changing needs and integrating women into its training programs.

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