UK PM Rishi Sunak volunteers for Go Dharmic’s ‘Feed Everyone’ sewa

UK PM Rishi Sunak volunteers for Go Dharmic’s ‘Feed Everyone’ sewa

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently volunteered with the charity Go Dharmic, engaging hands-on in their efforts to provide nutritious, environmentally friendly meals to those in need.

During his visit, the Prime Minister actively participated in the preparation of vegan kichari, a cost-effective and sustainable meal. This initiative is part of Go Dharmic’s "Feed Everyone" campaign, which embodies the principles of Dharma, Sewa, and Ahimsa — principles that are central to its network and to the broader vision of creating a more compassionate world.

Go Dharmic highlighted that as Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister, Sunak discussed these guiding principles when he took office. His recent volunteer work with Go Dharmic is a profound demonstration of his commitment to these ideals. In the kitchen and through his interactions, the British Indian leader gained first-hand insight into the charity's mission, led by founder Hanuman Dass and co-founder Sheena Randerwala.

City Hindus Network (CHN) said in a statement that the diaspora organisation is particularly proud to highlight that Hemal Randerwala, a member of the CHN Advisory Board, is deeply involved with Go Dharmic. This connection underscores the shared values and missions of our organisations and the impact that our members have in broader community initiatives, CHN said.

In November 2023, during the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Prime Minister Sunak awarded the Points of Light award to Hanuman Dass and Sheena Randerwala, recognizing their significant contributions to the community. This gesture further illuminates the importance of these efforts and the recognition they are garnering at the highest levels of government.

The event was attended by Go Dharmic trustees and lead volunteers from across the UK, including major cities such as Central London, Wembley, Luton, Harrow, Northampton, Leicester, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. Together, they serve over 50,000 meals a month to vulnerable individuals, showcasing the extensive impact of their work.

Reflecting on the visit, Hanuman Dass expressed his gratitude: "We are deeply moved by the Prime Minister’s service with Go Dharmic and his willingness to join hands with our volunteers. This profound act of kindness by the leader of the nation will inspire more seva and more volunteers for many years to come."


UK PM Rishi Sunak volunteers for Go Dharmic’s ‘Feed Everyone’ sewa
Hindu values of sewa are very much shared British values: Rishi Sunak

CHN called upon its members to take inspiration from this event and continue to support initiatives that embody our commitment to Dharma, Sewa, and Ahimsa. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many and inspire others to join in these efforts of compassion and service.

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