An expert take on tax savings, jobs, being a lawyer & more

An expert take on tax savings, jobs, being a lawyer & more

Vinay Tanna, Managing Partner at Garner & Hancock LLP, is a Specialist Solicitor and Notary Public dealing with all types of international documents. He has an expertise in Dispute Resolution and Litigation and also undertakes pro bono legal advice work for various charities.

Episode 1

How to ask the right questions on tax savings

In this episode, the specialist solicitor takes a trip down memory lane on his motivation behind stepping into the legal world to help people decode the world of estate administration and make it easy to navigate wills, trusts, taxes and probate. He offers many useful tips on managing our money by asking the right kind of questions on tax efficiency.

Episode 2

Understanding the Covid impact on jobs

In this episode, Vinay Tanna digs deep into the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on jobs in the UK. The disruption caused by Covid meant many businesses could not operate in the usual way. Many of their employees couldn’t go to work and customers couldn’t buy their products or services.

While some businesses were able to get a loan to pay for overheads like rent to keep afloat, others could sell things online. But many cut costs by furloughing their employees or letting them go as they simply could not carry on running their business without an income. Here, we dive into what it has all meant for the jobs market.

Episode 3

All you need to know about being a lawyer…

There are hundreds of different types of law. At the simplest level, you can divide lawyers between those doing commercial work (i.e. work for companies) and those involved with individual people. You could be a banking lawyer scrutinising a major loan by a bank to a corporation, or a personal injury lawyer advising someone who was injured at work.

In this episode, the legal eagle explains how day-to-day working life varies hugely from practice area to practice area – for instance, how an immigration lawyer’s job will differ from an intellectual property solicitor’s.

Episode 4

Buying property as a Limited Company: Pros & Cons

It used to be the case that only a tiny minority of property investors would buy a house through a limited company. With changes to mortgage tax relief over the past few years, that number has grown substantially. The main reason for buying a residential property through a limited company is tax efficiency. Find out all the pros and cons with this episode.

*Please Note: Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. All investments can fall as well as rise in value and you can lose some or all of your money. Additionally, this podcast does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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