Queen of Drapes Shaina NC brings her slip-around-quick sarees to UK

Queen of Drapes Shaina NC brings her slip-around-quick sarees to UK

One of India's finest designers, Shaina NC, popularly known as the Queen of Drapes, created quite the splash at Nehru Centre in London this week as she announced the launch of a special exhibition running until September 21.

“I am asked why this obsession with six yards of fabric, all I will say is that it is time that this national costume is taken to an international platform,” said Shaina NC, as she demonstrated some of the numerous ways she has mastered of draping a saree — from classic to modern, simple to jazzy.

Reflecting on how it often takes the West to popularise an Indian tradition, she declared it was time that the saree took its rightful place on the world stage, just like Yoga.

“Fashion has always been my profession for 32 years and the saree an obsession, a passion which can be passed down generation after generation,” said the designer, who is also a frontline politician as BJP spokesperson.

As an expert at draping the Indian saree in more than 54 innovative styles, she is considered a pioneer of the concept of ready-to-wear, slip-around-in-a-minute sarees — convenient for the busy career women of today or fashion divas alike.

Her Saree Drape Workshop at the Nehru Centre was dedicated to Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav as a tribute to 75 years of India’s independence and showcased all the innovative styles of draping the saree.

Amish Tripathi, Director of the Nehru Centre, said: “When one thinks of the words grace, elegance and beauty, all these words can be replaced with just one: saree.”

“She is not just dressing up sarees but dressing up India. This is the century of India and it is time she is taking the saree to the world,” said Indian industrialist Anil Agrawal.

Shaina showcased a series of easy-to-wear draping styles at the launch event for her Exhibition of Concept Ready to Wear Sarees, Kurtas and Westerns, taking place at a central London venue.

*Info: Exhibition WhatsApp contact +919820436706

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