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Balaji Temple in Oldbury partners with local NHS Trust for health check drive

Balaji Temple in Oldbury partners with local NHS Trust for health check drive

Volunteers at an iconic Sandwell temple are partnering with the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust and others to host a special health check event, raising awareness of healthcare services available to the community.

The Balaji Temple in Oldbury, West Midlands, will welcome teams from Healthy Sandwell and Sandwell and West Birmingham (SWB) NHS Trust at the venue on Saturday, April 22.

Dr Kanagaratnam, Chairman of the Balaji Trust and a retired GP, said: “It has been a personal dream of mine to bring health and wellbeing services together at Balaji Temple for the benefit of the community. Wellbeing and peace to all is a central tenet of the Hindu faith.

“I welcome all local residents to attend and benefit from the wonderful services provided by Sandwell Council and SWB NHS Trust, whilst taking in the sights of the temple and sharing a wholesome vegetarian lunch with us.”

The event will be held in the community centre, which was previously used a Covid vaccination centre. The temple is open to all and is visited by over 150,000 people annually, playing an active role in supporting the community. More than 20,000 schoolchildren visit the site each year.

SWB NHS Trust recently launched several initiatives including the Targeted Lung Health Checks (TLHC) for smokers and former smokers and the Cancer Hotline service, which residents can call if they are concerned about having symptoms that they fear might be cancer.

As part of NHS England’s THLC programme, residents across Sandwell will receive an invitation to take part in the check. Those invited will have an appointment with a lung health nurse and depending on their symptoms will then be offered a low-dose CT scan in a mobile truck located within their community.

Steve Nelson, programme manager for the TLHC project, said: “Attending the event allows health professionals to reach out to the wider community, raising awareness of this really important initiative. For the majority of those who attend the lung health checks, everything will be fine, while for those where we do find something wrong, catching it early can make all the difference.

“Lung cancer can be difficult to detect early which is why so many people are currently diagnosed with an incurable disease. However, these checks are helping us to diagnose many more people earlier when it is far easier to treat.”


Balaji Temple in Oldbury partners with local NHS Trust for health check drive
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Daren Fradgley, Chief Integration Officer at SWB NHS Trust, added: “Bringing together such a wide programme of health and wellbeing programmes at the Balaji Temple will spread the message and improve engagement of the local communities helping us deal with the health inequalities that exist within the region.

“This is a great example of partnership working with our community and other organisations in the Sandwell area.”

Other services from the Trust to attend will include Bowel Cancer Screening. Meanwhile, Healthy Sandwell which is part of Sandwell Council’s Public Health team will also be raising awareness of the support it provides to local people, helping them to make positive lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking or losing weight.


Balaji Temple in Oldbury partners with local NHS Trust for health check drive
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On the day, Randox Health will be providing free of charge NHS Health Checks to improve the health and wellbeing of eligible adults aged 40 to 74 years. This health check estimates the risk of an individual having a heart attack, stroke or developing type 2 diabetes in the next 10 years and provides personalised advice to reduce their risk. In its first five years, the NHS Health Check is estimated to have prevented 2,500 heart attacks or strokes as a result of people receiving preventative treatment following their health check.

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