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Adventurer Komil Shah on the humbling and enriching experience of travel

Adventurer Komil Shah on the humbling and enriching experience of travel

As the sun glistens over the UK, all we need is a trip outdoors. Banker Komil Shah hops onboard the iGlobal train to share his adventures and wanderlust. His enthusiasm for the F1 races has driven him to historic racetracks of Monaco in the French Riviera, Italian city of Monza and Hockenheim in Germany.

Komil reflects: “Our only home, Plant Earth, is a strikingly beautiful contrast of natural and human made marvels. And holidays help explore the wonders of our planet, its people and their culture.”

As tiny tots, we often long for summers to arrive sooner since holidays translate to family vacation time. The excitement of being away from home as a young boy, visiting new places with family and friends precisely made him fall in love with travelling.

Komil’s family trip to New Delhi-Shimla-Mussoorie as a 9-year-old was a fun-filled journey “of visiting exciting places, living in hotels, boating, horse riding, ice-skating and much more.”

Still carrying amusing remnants of that holiday, Komil reminisces, “Ten of us packed into one HM Ambassador car to get around New Delhi.”

Holiday choices

As a father of two adventurous boys, travelling with family is the best time for Komil and his wife to bond more with their children while diving into swimming pools, spending time by the beach and learning more about the places they visit.

Although Komil is a great admirer of history and art, with kids by their side, the Shahs don’t centre their visits principally around museums. “As the children get older, I imagine going on exploratory holidays more than leisurely ones.”

His fondness for the coast dwells from suburban Mumbai where he was brought up. “I was fortunate to know of and spend time on beaches that were lesser known by the masses. That’s where a lifelong love for beaches started.”


Adventurer Komil Shah on the humbling and enriching experience of travel
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Well-designed checklist

Pre-departure planning can be a daunting yet important task that curtails extra costs and makes sure that you stay withing your budget. While keeping his plans as flexible as possible, Komil tries to cater to everyone’s interests.

Going with the flow has its own charm: “Often leading to new experiences, meeting interesting people and sometimes even discovering hidden gems.” But having managed Risk for years now, Komil is always thinking of things that can go wrong which makes him abide by a few good practices to better prepare himself for his trips.

Upon having agreed on a destination, booking travel tickets, reserving accommodations and restaurants, getting the right travel insurance and now getting vaccinated to fight against Covid-19 should be on every traveller’s check list. Online portals have a vast collection of local information that can feed you with sightseeing attractions, local transportation options, fun activities and must-visit restaurants.

He recommends: “A trusted travel adviser can help with most of the above and travel apps can help in saving your entire itinerary in one place. Do travel and don’t plan to the ‘T’. Leave a little room for adventure and remember, the more you travel, the easier it gets.”

Peek into Wales

The Welsh nation can leave you mesmerised from the North all the way to its South. “For anyone that likes to be close to nature, be those mountains, lakes, reservoirs or rivers; Wales has all of this to offer, and in abundance!”

The coastal town of Llandudno, with white painted Victorian houses has rich heritage spots that dates back to the Bronze Age similar to the historical tales of Wye Valley and Vale of Usk. All the way from the summit of Mount Snowdon with breath-taking views to capture forever to the Isle of Anglesey that offers a stunning beauty of the sunset by the zig-zagging coastline.

Nonetheless, with one of the oldest languages still spoken in Europe, Wales gives literature lovers and linguists an opportunity to discover the region’s literary connections.


Adventurer Komil Shah on the humbling and enriching experience of travel
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Travel venture

The travel industry was hit the hardest during the pandemic and with it all the livelihood it supports around the world. Komil believes that it is now more than ever that travellers will need experienced consultants to refine their holiday plans for a stress-free vacation.

The extensive knowledge of travelling that Komil has acquired over the period has sparked in him the sheer desire to contribute to his family's start-up Vistagreen Travels. Adding to the excellent quality of service and expertise already provided by his cousin to their clientele in the UAE, Komil assures the same experience for fellow travellers in the UK.

From offering the basic services of just air ticket bookings or curating an all-inclusive holiday to resolving your Covid-19 related travel doubts, team Vistagreen looks after each client’s need minutely. “All this at a cost similar to that being offered online will give travellers the comfort that someone has their back if they ever need help”, adds Komil.

Travel safe

We all have unpleasant experiences from time to time, but none that dissuades Komil from travelling to newer lands. Keep travelling, he exclaims as there is so much natural and man-made beauty in this world to discover that a single lifetime is not enough. “The more you travel, the richer your life gets!”

“This pandemic has made me realise how much I miss travelling and it has only strengthened my resolve to travel farther, travel more. And whilst I hope I could travel more, the more important takeaway from the pandemic is to stay safe, keep your loved ones safe and help keep humanity safe.”

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