British Sikh rapper Raxstar pens ode to chapatis for new nostalgic campaign

British Sikh rapper Raxstar pens ode to chapatis for new nostalgic campaign

Popular British Sikh rapper Raxstar has penned heartfelt poem invoking the childhood memories associated with cooking chapattis as part of a new UK-wide campaign with flour brand Elephant Atta.

His poem encapsulates the sentiment that home-cooking evokes in every South Asian home and household in the UK, dubbed as a love letter to cherished memories shared by the country’s migrants with roots in the Indian subcontinent.

Raxstar says: “I was honoured and privileged to be a part of this emotional campaign that all South Asians will be able to connect with. We all have our tales and memories from the kitchen and dining table and the age-old ritual of chapatti-making across the generations. Nothing quite matches the comfort of South Asian home-cooked food for the soul, with the chapatti being at its core.

“Teaming up with such a renowned chapatti brand as Elephant Atta for this beautiful campaign has been emotional and I have no doubt that South Asian audiences of all ages will relate to and connect with it with love and fondness.”

The new “Home Is Where The Elephant Atta” is designed to capture the everyday moments that make South Asian family life in Britain uniquely special. It features real families from diverse backgrounds, welcoming viewers into their homes and kitchens as they prepare cherished meals together.

Anne Adshead, Senior Brand Manager, Elephant Atta, said: “There's nothing better than eating chapattis, parathas or rotis at home and Elephant Atta is the iconic pink bag that's been doing it for generations, synonymous with South Asian comfort food for the soul. The Home Is Where The Elephant Atta Is campaign celebrates the heart and soul of South Asian families, their traditions and the cherished moments they share around food.


British Sikh rapper Raxstar pens ode to chapatis for new nostalgic campaign
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“We had a lot of fun developing this campaign, working with real families, and getting to know how food brings them together in their unique and personal ways. With the lyricism of Raxstar, we were able to fully encapsulate what family mealtimes mean to many in the South Asian community, that will hopefully resonate with cross-generational South Asians across the country.”

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