New #UntieYourFears drive campaigns for women’s wellbeing on streets

New #UntieYourFears drive campaigns for women’s wellbeing on streets

Continuing to advocate women’s empowerment and to challenge sexist and misogynistic behaviour patterns that have become normalised in society, South Asian hair care brand Vatika UK has launched a new campaign that aims to highlight and initiate conversations around public street harassment, entitled #UntieYourFears.

Public street harassment (PSH) is a form of harassment that is directed at someone in a public space without their consent and 75 per cent of girls in the UK, some as young as 12, have experienced some form of public harassment in their lifetime. Around 97 per cent of 18-24-year-olds have been sexually harassed in public, while 80 per cent of women of all ages in the UK have experienced public sexual harassment.

The UK government recently backed a law that will criminalise sexual harassment in the streets, introducing a bill that will make it a specific offence.

#UntieYourFears marks the next chapter to follow Vatika UK’s award-winning and visionary #BeVisible and #StrongerRoots campaigns, which signified game-changing moments in the South Asian personal care industry that aim to empower women.

The #UntieYourFears campaign features videos specifically highlighting common forms of public sexual harassment:

  • catcalling, usually sexual in tone and manner, that is a form of objectification and intimidation

  • unwanted touching of a person’s hair, body or clothing

  • intrusive staring or persistent leering that is sexual in nature

  • unwanted pressing against another person in a sexual manner and unwanted physical contact


New #UntieYourFears drive campaigns for women’s wellbeing on streets
The Four Gatekeepers of Freedom

The videos depict four British women of South Asian heritage in everyday scenarios in which they experience these forms of harassment: commuting to work; a night out socialising; going for a jog; and shopping in town.

Roshni Singh, Marketing Manager UK & Europe, Dabur International, said: “Women and all victims of public harassment need to feel secure and empowered through societal solidarity and support. Each and every one of us has a duty to condemn this behaviour when we witness it on our streets.

“Women and any group in society should never have to adjust their public appearance or behaviour to avoid unwarranted and unsolicited attention and harassment. It is the perpetrators that need to stop this behaviour. Enough is enough!”


New #UntieYourFears drive campaigns for women’s wellbeing on streets
Stronger Roots: Vatika UK celebrates British Indian heroines

The campaign’s central message is to empower women, raise awareness to identify different scenarios of street harassment, encourage women to share their experiences, start conversations, and advocate the public call out this behaviour when witnessed on the streets. It has been conceptualised and created by award-winning agency Ethnic Reach.

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