Dussehra inspires us on the path of morality: Indian President Kovind

On the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami, President of India, Ram Nath Kovind extended his wishes to all the countrymen. He said that this festival inspires us to walk on the path of morality, goodness and virtue.

"Hearty congratulations to all the countrymen on the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami. Dussehra marks the victory of good over evil. This festival inspires us to walk on the path of morality, goodness and virtue. I wish that this festival brings prosperity and happiness in the lives of the countrymen," tweeted Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami, according to the Hindu calendar, is celebrated on the 10th day after the nine days of Navratri festivities in the month of Ashvina. The festival is celebrated differently in various parts of the country.

It is celebrated with great joy and fervour across India by burning the effigies of Ravan in open fields to symbolise the victory of 'good' over 'evil'.

After celebrations for Navratri, it is time to bid adieu to Goddess Durga on the occasion of Vijay Dashami. This day marks the triumph of good over evil, which fell on October 15 this year.

Vijay Dashmi or Vijayadashami is very popular in West Bengal. On the last day of Durga Puja, married Bengali Hindu women apply sindoor on the forehead and feet of the Goddess and offer sweets to her, followed by applying sindoor on each other's faces.

Delhi's mini-Kolkata CR Park has observed the puja with strict COVID-19 guidelines. The place has been an amalgamation of bright colours and cultural heritage.

The day is also celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Rama over the king of Lanka, Raavana.

Dussehra is marked with religious enthusiasm across the country. Ramlila, the dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Lord Ram, is staged for ten days and concludes on Dussehra.

Effigies of the ten-headed demon king Raavana, his brother Kumbhakaran and son Indrajit are burnt with fireworks to signify the destruction of evil.


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