PM Modi hails India's farming revolution as new markets open up

Emphasizing on Centre's thrust on the agriculture sector, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the government working towards making domestic and international markets accessible to the farmers.

PM Modi addressed the post-budget webinar on 'Agriculture and Cooperatives' on February 24. It is the second of a series of 12 post-budget webinars organized by the government to seek ideas and suggestions for the effective implementation of the initiatives announced in the Indian Budget 2023. Addressing the gathering, PM Modi highlighted the importance given to the agricultural sector in this year's budget as well as budgets of the past 8-9 years.

"Every Budget in recent years has been called a budget for Gaon, Gareeb and Kisan," Modi said.

Noting that India's agricultural sector remained distressed for a long time since independence, the Prime Minister pointed out the country's dependence on the outside world for our food security. He highlighted how India's farmers transformed the situation by not only making the nation self-reliant but also capable of exporting food grains.

"Today India is exporting many types of agricultural products", the Prime Minister said as he shed light on the efforts of the government to make domestic and international markets accessible to the farmers.

He also stated that India's goal should not be limited to rice or wheat when it comes to self-sufficiency or export. The Prime Minister underlined that the goal of complete development cannot be achieved until the challenges related to the agriculture sector are eliminated.


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