Rishi Sunak pledges to complete trade deal with India in Tory manifesto

Rishi Sunak pledges to complete trade deal with India in Tory manifesto
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“We will finalise a free trade agreement with India, alongside a deeper strategic partnership on technology and defence” – reads the Conservative Party manifesto launched by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak this week.

Joined by wife Akshata Murty at the British Grand Prix track in Silverstone, the British Indian leader unveiled his plans for the governing party if re-elected in the July 4 General Election. While the central themes of the Tory manifesto were on tax cuts and easier access to housing, a “Leadership in the world” section highlighted the party’s commitment to enhance UK-India relations.

Within a wider regional context, the manifesto notes: “We will seek to strengthen the Commonwealth, as an organisation that accounts for over a quarter of the membership of the UN and a champion of values. We will deepen cooperation with Commonwealth partners and institutions to enhance the benefits of membership, strengthen intra-Commonwealth trade, support members facing challenges in attracting inward investment and strengthen the resilience of the most vulnerable members to climate change, nature loss and environmental degradation.”

Under the Scotland segment of the manifesto, the Tories have pledged to “press for the permanent removal of tariffs on Scotch whisky with the US Government and work to achieve a significant tariff reduction in India through free trade agreement discussions”.

Sunak, Britain’s first Prime Minister of Indian heritage, is hoping to convince voters to back his plan for the country in a tough election battle.

He said: “We are restoring our economic stability after Covid and Ukraine. Inflation is down, real wages are up, growth has returned – and we are cutting taxes to give working people financial security. This did not happen by accident. The economy is turning a corner because we built strong economic foundations before the pandemic and we have stuck to our plan.


Rishi Sunak pledges to complete trade deal with India in Tory manifesto
Every step of the way: Wife Akshata Murty on UK PM’s campaign trail

“We must stick to this plan and take bold action to secure the future of our nation and society. In the next decade, we’ll face challenges to our energy and national security from foreign conflicts; to our border from uncontrolled and illegal migration; to our economy from global shocks and to our society from those seeking to divide and disempower communities. Dealing with these challenges requires a clear plan and bold action.

“On 4 July, choose lower immigration, lower taxes and protected pensions. Choose a secure future with the Conservatives.”

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