Streamlining immigration policy

Streamlining immigration policy

The Hindu Manifesto UK 2024 was recently launched by the Hindus for Democracy umbrella organisation. The manifesto has been framed by major Hindu organisations across the UK, including INSIGHT UK, NHSF UK, HSS, Hindu Council UK and many more.

This iGlobal series digs deeper, chapter by chapter, through each of the issues highlighted in the first-of-its-kind Hindu Manifesto 2024 – Part 5 focussed on “Streamlining immigration policy”…

Addressing visa issues of Hindu Priests

Priests play an important role in performing religious rituals for Hindus, particularly at Mandirs (Hindu temples). Mandirs in the UK are facing difficulty in obtaining visas for Hindu Priests under the Tier-5 Religious Worker (RW) scheme. This section of the Hindu Manifesto 2024 highlights this concern of the Hindu community and seeks a redressal to it.


Streamlining immigration policy
Equal representation and opportunity for British Hindus

Visa issues for dependents and elderly parents

According to recent data from the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS), there has been a significant increase in the number of Indian immigrants to the UK over the past decade. As per Census 2021, India remained the most common country of birth outside the UK, with the number being 920,000.

A notable portion of these UK residents seek to reunite with their families or care for elderly parents.

However, the current visa and immigration policies often present challenges for Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) individuals in navigating the complex application processes and restrictions of the visa time period, leading to delays, denials, and family separations.

Monitor and curb illegal migration

Data from the UK Home Office indicates that despite efforts to control illegal immigration, there remains a significant number of undocumented and/or illegal migrants in the country, with implications for law enforcement and immigration enforcement agencies


Streamlining immigration policy
Hindus For Democracy diaspora group launches Hindu Manifesto 2024

Manifesto expectations from candidates contesting in the General Elections 2024:

1.     Addressing visa issues related to Hindu Priests.

2.      Support addressing visa and immigration issues faced by UK Hindus with regard to bringing their dependents and elderly parents to the UK

3.     Supporting stringent legal mechanisms against illegal immigration in the UK.

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