How to stay motivated on your weight loss journey

How to stay motivated on your weight loss journey

Do you start your weight loss journey all excited and ready to make a change? You're walking 10,000 steps a day, you've joined the gym, and you're eating salads. Maybe you've even started meal prepping or trying out new healthy recipes.

But as time passes, that initial spark starts to fizzle out. You might skip a few walks, visit the gym less frequently, and gradually return to your old eating habits.

It's a common thing — I've seen it happen so many times, and losing motivation is one of the biggest reasons why people give up.

Feeling unmotivated? It might be due to:

  • Slow results: Not seeing the numbers drop on your bathroom scales can be very discouraging.

  • Lack of accountability: It’s easy to fall off track when you're busy or tired.

  • Confusion: With so many diet plans out there, from ketogenic to low-fat, it’s hard to know which one works for you. 

  • Boredom: Who wants to eat bland foods all the time?

  • Emotional eating: When stress hits, comfort foods like ice cream, cookies, and chips can become all too tempting.


How to stay motivated on your weight loss journey
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We all set out wanting to lose weight to look and feel good and also for our health. But, the longer the wait, the harder it becomes. Without support, your weight loss journey can feel lonely and overwhelming. But don’t let these challenges stop you.

To Regain Your Motivation:

  • Variety: Enjoy a range of easy, delicious recipes so meals never get boring.

  • Gradual Changes: Make small changes a step at a time, these small wins will add up to big results, making your goals achievable.

  • Community Support: Join a community of members who share your goals. You’ll never feel alone

  • Guidance: Learn about meal planning, nutrition, getting fitter, and making those important mindset shifts.

  • Regular Check-ins: Monitor your progress, making adjustments and seeking out encouragement to keep you on track.

And, I am here to help you with all of these!


How to stay motivated on your weight loss journey
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Sujata Din is a Certified Health Coach and Certified Professional Cancer Coach. In this regular column for iGlobal, she offers some special insights, from useful wellness tips to recipes for creations that are not only delicious but also healthy.

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