Top tips to help embrace the slow beauty hot trend
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Top tips to help embrace the slow beauty hot trend

Slow beauty is a hot topic this year, but the concept is more than just a passing trend. Consider ditching all those unnecessary lotions and potions and think about sustainability the next time you fancy a skincare splurge.

The idea of slow beauty is based on an ecological philosophy, encouraging consumers to choose products containing ethical and sustainable ingredients.

For many of us, it’s a new idea, but for Dr Nitasha Buldeo, founder of Organic Apoteke, it’s a viewpoint she’s embraced for some time.

“Slow beauty is gathering momentum as a key sustainable trend this year but it’s something I’ve believed in since the creation of Organic Apoteke and why I’ve kept our range to the core eight multifunctional skincare products,” she explained. “With a focus on investing in products that have been crafted using sustainable methods and sustainably sourced ingredients, slow beauty is about quality over quantity. You’re using fewer products and should have a slower, more focused skincare routine to lessen unnecessary consumption and waste, so you can take care of yourself, the planet, and your future.”

Slow beauty products contain natural ingredients with vitamins, antioxidants, and healing properties that are harnessed to create safe and effective skincare.

If you want to give it a go, remember to also look out for products with eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials.

“Slow beauty is not just a lifestyle choice. In the age of global warming, climate crisis, and mass pollution, slow, minimalist beauty is not a luxury but a necessity,” Nitasha adds.


Top tips to help embrace the slow beauty hot trend
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Read on for a few simple ways that you can benefit from slow beauty:

Daily Self Care

This means taking a few minutes each day to practice mindful self-care.

Simple Skincare

Choose natural, simple to use, minimalist skincare products that work harmoniously with your complexion to produce healthier, more beautiful results.

Slow Ageing

Live gracefully, joyfully, and simply try to be the best version of yourself. Nourishing your skin with health-giving products is the ideal direction for slow beauty.

Be Yourself

Celebrate your individuality and embrace your differences and most of all, it’s about refusing to be clones. Use products that make you feel more like you.

Conscious Consumption

Take time to evaluate a skincare product before buying. Be patient with a product and don’t expect overnight miracles. It’s about being mindful and focusing on your skin’s function and considering how the products we use impact our skin.

And Finally… Sustainability

Consider the impact of your choices when you buy from a business.

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