British Indian community beacon of light: Labour Party celebrates Diwali

British Indian community beacon of light: Labour Party celebrates Diwali

“To British Indians, I want to express my admiration and respect for everything you do for our country. Without your efforts, this country would be diminished in so many ways,” says Labour Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer.

The Opposition leader and shadow foreign secretary David Lammy, both of whom recently held talks with Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar during his UK visit, reiterated their commitment to strengthening the UK-India strategic relationship as the party celebrated Diwali at a series of events in London this month.

Sir Keir said in an address: “We will be rebuilding Britain’s reputation on the international stage and that means a new strategic partnership with India.

“The Tories are working on a free trade agreement (FTA) – I think. It’s all a bit stop and start. In fact, you could almost call the negotiations ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ (sometimes happy, sometimes sad). But Labour wants more than that – we want a deeper understanding. You can call it an always happy relationship. A relationship based on our shared values of democracy, aspiration and respect.”

Lammy offered insights from his recent meeting with Dr Jaishankar last week: “We talked, of course, about the free trade agreement.

“We talked about development aid and partnership across South Asia and also, Africa... about tech and digital, and the huge contribution science and tech can make in an age of AI.”

Krish Raval OBE, an advisor to the 1928 Institute and event host of a Diwali celebration in the House of Parliament complex, added: “In the spirit of Diwali, the Labour Party honours the British Indian community as a key partner in our vision for a united and innovative Britain. Celebrating our historic Parliamentary Diwali Reception, where representatives of all the major British faith communities united with shadow cabinet members in lighting diyas, we celebrated the British Indian community's profound contributions to the NHS, arts, business, and education.

“We know that its role is fundamental to our nation's fabric, and without it, Britain would be lesser. Together, we pledge to create a harmonious and prosperous future for all.”


British Indian community beacon of light: Labour Party celebrates Diwali
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