How ‘iGlobal’ was born during a tumultuous 2020

How ‘iGlobal’ was born during a tumultuous 2020

What a year it has been! There is no doubt whatsoever that all of us are keen to see the back 2020 and the unhappy coronavirus developments and related cycles of lockdown it brought with it.

While we close the year amid ongoing uncertainty, what we can hold on to is the incredible community spirit and stories of human resilience that came alongside all the bad headlines. The news of a vaccine getting regulatory approvals to be rolled out as a shield against the deadly virus is undoubtedly a cause to end the year on an optimistic note.

In this special recap feature, we reflect on a significant year for ‘iGlobal’ – the Voice of Global Indians – which came into being in May 2020 at the peak of the crisis. The mission was very clear: to capture the many incredible stories of the vibrant Indian diaspora as also to collate and analyse developments that matter to Global Indians around the world.

In November, we embraced the reality of virtual celebrations being the norm during a physically distanced year and organised the world’s first-of-its-kind Diwali extravaganza over three days of packed sessions as well as the first-ever iGlobal Impact Awards.

Here is a quick trip down memory lane with a small selection of ‘iGlobal’ highlights from its inaugural year gone by:

I have been blown away by community spirit, can-do attitude this Diwali: Boris Johnson

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson took some time out from his extra hectic schedule to address the Indian diaspora from 10 Downing Street and flag off the ‘iGlobal’ launch celebrations with a warm message of hope and optimism.

Rishi Sunak makes No. 11 Downing Street history with Diwali diyas, rangoli

Britain’s first Indian-origin Chancellor of the Exchequer stepped out of his No. 11 Downing Street home in London to lay out a traditional rangoli decoration and light up some diyas at the doorstep to mark Diwali.

Anything But Politics with Priti Patel

The UK Home Secretary takes some time out of one of the country's toughest jobs to give us a peek at what Diwali was like for her growing up and also her favourite mithai and love of Bollywood films.

Sir Keir Starmer’s determination to connect with British Indians

The UK’s Opposition Labour Party Leader addressed a wide range of questions – from vegetarianism and mediation to why British Hindus should vote for him – in an exclusive question and answer (Q&A).

iGlobal Lifetime Achievement Award for the Late Srutidharma Das

India Inc. Founder & CEO Manoj Ladwa shone a light on some the many achievements of His Grace the Late Srutidharma Das, the Former President of the Bhaktivedanta Manor, in conversation with one of his closest friends at the temple to unravel some of the many, many pearls of wisdom left behind by the late spiritual leader.

iGlobal Conference: Social Impact at a Time of Crisis

In the wake of the pandemic, charitable organisations have scrambled to ensure that the crisis does not become a catastrophe for society’s most vulnerable. Organisations at the forefront of this battle discuss the challenges they face and lessons to learn from the greatest test of our times. They will help us understand how individuals can get involved and make a difference in our communities.

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