India, Japan display joint military skills at Dharma Guardian exercise

Indian and Japanese troops have been showcasing their abilities on the obstacle course during Exercise Dharma Guardian 2024. Additionally, #DharmaGuardian_2024 emphasised the seamless cooperation between the Indian Army and the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF). The exercise aims to enhance interoperability and mutual understanding, reflecting the deepening defence ties between India and Japan.

Amid the ongoing 5th edition of the India-Japan joint exercise 'Dharma Guardian' being held in Rajasthan, the Commanding General, Eastern Army, Japan Ground Self Defence Force, Lieutenant General Togashi Yuichi paid a visit to the exercise site to take stock of the progress made on Sunday.

He also rendered words of encouragement to both Japanese and Indian contingents, strengthening the camaraderie between the Armies and enhancing the collaborative efforts between the two nations.
On Sunday, marking the 8th day of the joint exercise, both armies participated together and demonstrated how they work together and bring down the target.

Personnel also performed a mock drill to capture the militants hiding in a house and used specially trained animals (dogs and eagles) for the task.

The joint exercise signifies the deepening of military cooperation between India and Japan and underscores their commitment to enhancing interoperability and mutual understanding. The training activities aimed to strengthen the capabilities of both armies in counterterrorism and disaster response scenarios.

Exercise Dharma Guardian serves as a platform for the exchange of best practices and the cultivation of trust and camaraderie between the Indian and Japanese armed forces. Through collaborative training initiatives, both nations aim to bolster regional stability and contribute to peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region. 


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