6 ways to combat stressed-out skin

6 ways to combat stressed-out skin
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The fast pace of modern life can make it difficult to abide by a balanced diet, with everyday stressors and atmospheric conditions often taking a toll on our skin too.

Many factors, including diet, weather, and medication, can impact our skin.

But lifestyle and everyday stressors can take a toll on our complexions too, leading to conditions such as dryness, dehydration, blemishes, and acne.

To mark Stress Awareness Month this April, Dr Qian Xu, founder and medical director at Skin Aesthetics, has shared her top tips for combatting the issue.

Avoid make-up

Certainly, this can be hard to do!

"We all want to cover up spots and other skin issues. Give your skin the time it needs to recover and heal. Even supermodels get spots. Having good skin doesn't mean it will be blemish-free all of the time," she said.


6 ways to combat stressed-out skin
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Going out for a jog or joining a yoga class doesn't always seem appealing at the end of a long day but they're worth it.

"Start small, don't try and run a marathon, but a gentle walk in some fresh air can be great to relax your mind and reduce your stress," advised Dr Xu.

Watch what you eat

Fast-food and sugary snacks can aggravate skin conditions.

"Try to be more present with your food. Ask yourself: Do you need to eat that? Are you hungry?" the expert said. "We often grab food because it is there. So, hide any snacks you have away in a drawer rather than on top of the desk."

Sleep hygiene

Screen time can significantly impact the quality of your sleep.

"Try to avoid working and using your devices for two hours before bedtime," she recommended. "Try to keep a journal by your bedside and write down what's in your mind before you get into bed. Knowing your thoughts are on paper can help relax your mind for a more peaceful night's sleep."


6 ways to combat stressed-out skin
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Be kind

We all encounter stress and spots from time to time, so try not to be too hard on yourself.

"It is OK that you feel overwhelmed or worried. Start to get things off your chest and share your stress with a colleague, family member, friend or professional," commented Dr Xu.

Stress is temporary

Don't panic if you find yourself stressed and breaking out. Stress is temporary, and so are the skin breakouts.

"You can talk to your skincare professional about creams and treatments to relieve the symptoms. Still, for the most part, a stress breakout is best dealt with by looking after yourself. No one has perfect skin all of the time. Having a spot now and again is entirely normal and to be expected. Just accepting this fact can take a lot of pressure off you and reduce some stress," she added.

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