9 reasons to not buy but make your own smoothies

9 reasons to not buy but make your own smoothies

Smoothies are a fantastic way to pack a lot of nutrients into a delicious drink. While store-bought options may seem convenient, making smoothies at home can be even more beneficial.

Here are nine key reasons to start blending at home instead of buying pre-made smoothies.

1. Cost-Effective
Making smoothies at home is significantly cheaper in the long run compared to buying them at cafes or supermarkets. You can buy ingredients in bulk and use them to make multiple servings, reducing the cost per smoothie dramatically.

2. Full Control Over Ingredients
When you make your smoothie, you have complete control over what goes into it. This is perfect for those with dietary restrictions or allergies and ensures you're only consuming what's best for your body.

3. No Added Sugars

Many commercial smoothies are loaded with added sugars to enhance taste. At home, you can opt for natural sweeteners or fruits.


9 reasons to not buy but make your own smoothies
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4. No Preservatives or Artificial Additives
Store-bought smoothies often contain preservatives and artificial additives to extend their shelf life and maintain colour. Homemade smoothies are fresh, free from unnecessary chemicals, and healthier.

5. Tailored to Your Nutritional Needs
Whether you're trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just maintain a healthy diet, homemade smoothies can be tailored to meet your specific nutritional requirements. You can adjust the amount of protein, carbs, and fats to fit your diet plan perfectly.

6. Freshness
You can enjoy your smoothie right after blending, ensuring you get the maximum nutrients and flavours.

7. Variety
Making smoothies at home allows you to experiment with a wide range of ingredients, including exotic fruits, different types of greens, seeds, spices, and superfoods that you might not find in store-bought versions.

8. Less Waste
By preparing smoothies at home, you can help reduce packaging waste. Using your own ingredients also allows you to use produce that might otherwise go to waste in your fridge, helping to reduce food waste too.

9. Encourages Healthier Eating Habits
Getting into the habit of making smoothies at home can encourage you to make healthier eating choices regularly. It increases your fruit and vegetable intake naturally.

Making smoothies at home is not only fun but also a healthier, affordable way to enjoy nutritious beverages.


9 reasons to not buy but make your own smoothies
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Sujata Din is a Certified Health Coach and Certified Professional Cancer Coach. In this regular column for iGlobal, she offers some special insights, from useful wellness tips to recipes for creations that are not only delicious but also healthy.


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