Manchester’s VOICE offers ‘Wellness Activity’ workshops for the mind

Courtesy: Oleg Breslavtsev | Moment Via Getty Images
Courtesy: Oleg Breslavtsev | Moment Via Getty Images

With the International Day of Yoga fast approaching, several diaspora organisations across the UK have been promoting wellness and mental health. 

“Majority of health issues in the society are due to stress. Chronic stress leads to anxiety & illnesses. Reducing the stress and making positive and conscious changes to our lifestyle can not only benefit our bodies and minds but will also help reduce the burden of healthcare in society,” says Dr Hardik Bhansali, one of the main organisers of a five-week ‘Wellness Activity’ workshop in Manchester and a committee member of the Vedic Organisation for Indian Culture and Education. 

The workshop – which focuses on cultivating positive lifestyles – is being hosted and run by VOICE, the Manchester-based organisation which promotes Hindu and Indian cultural and religious values. VOICE will be hosting the workshops every Saturday for the next five weeks starting May 13 at 9 am at the Broomwood Community Centre in Altrincham.  

“We are excited to team up with Dr Rajesh Vaddhireddy who is an anaesthetist by profession as well as a certified lifestyle meditation physician,” explains Bhansali. 

Key objectives of the workshop include the cultivation of happiness in body, mind and the soul and the sessions will combine science and spirituality to deliver on these.


Courtesy: Oleg Breslavtsev | Moment Via Getty Images
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The carefully planned sessions will cover and provide advice on the following topics: 

  • Step-by-step guide to diet, exercise & physical activities 

  • Tips on reducing and managing addiction 

  • The importance of positive psychology and sleep 

  • Nurturing emotional intelligence and self-empowerment  

In addition to the above, each of the sessions will also entail meditation, pranayam and yoga to provide the perfect blend of spiritual wisdom, guidance and meditation activities. 

To allow people a taste of the workshop, the organisers have decided to include a taster session which will also the first of five sessions.  

“The full course is kept at a token price of £15 for full 5 weeks to promote mental and emotional wellness activity in the community,” explains Bhansali. 


Courtesy: Oleg Breslavtsev | Moment Via Getty Images
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Amidst work pressures, hectic lifestyles and busy weekends, VOICE and Dr Vaddhireddy hope to draw attention to the need for self-care and investing time into one’s own wellness, something which has become more pressing than ever. 

“We hope as many people as possible take part in this Wellness workshop,” concluded Bhansali.  

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