Being authentic in a world of Artificial Intelligence

Being authentic in a world of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword that has brought a new revolution and nearly seeped into all areas of our professional and personal lives. In not so recent past, humans were considered the most intelligent beings on earth, but with Artificial Intelligence becoming a dominating asset, is that still a truth?

Is AI challenging the reality of our existence as humans? Is It hampering the intellectual evolution of future generations? The answer lies in our ability to understand that any outer discovery or invention does not in any way cease our quest for self-reflection and our inner evolution. The closer we remain to the knowing that the real knowledge is the knowing of self, the more we will be able to amplify the benefits of science.

Ancient Vedic system connects every outer manifestation to an inner psychological imbalance. I say imbalance because in a world of complete balance without any waves of desires, there is nothing but void or shunya. The most minor thought disturbance in the mind breaks the void of reality and creates an illusion of physical manifestation.

Even every character in an epic story reflects a human tendency or a state of mind that eventually either succumbs or thrives based on the choices it makes. This power to make a choice is further based on our ability to differentiate between right and wrong using our intellectual facility that empowers our discriminating power or our Viveka. Ultimately, the life we live is a sum of the choices we make. Keeping this in mind, seeing from a non-judgemental eye, the manifestation of AI also reflects some inner need or desire.

In my opinion that need is to give the burden of assimilating knowledge to an outer mind.

The positive outcome is the availability of an infinite pool of knowledge, and the negative outcome is the danger of underutilising the innate potent energy of mind and it ability of self-reflection. The reflection gives rise to curiosity that leads to knowledge. That knowledge is the seed of our existence and evolution. It’s a personal asset that transforms our perception and way of life. We come closer to our own truth of existence after reflecting on the knowledge we have gained.

Thus, it is fair to say that the ultimate outcome of over dependency on AI is the danger of moving away from our authenticity which may being an epidemic of chaos and loneliness in future. The laziness to explore and expand will have a larger impact on our ability to awaken our intelligence, ultimately moving us away from leading an authentic life.


Being authentic in a world of Artificial Intelligence
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Living authentically often means being true to oneself and others. I want to bring to your attention three reminders that can help us remain authentic an artificial world.

Embrace Simplicity

Simplicity is the seed to achieve a tranquil state of mind. Often underrated, simplicity in thoughts, way of life, and actions is key to developing an empowered mindset that can understand the truth as it is.

Truth has to be known as it is and not as it appears. To see something just as it is, the thoughts must be devoid of manifesting complicated appearances of a subject and mind must be in a tranquil state. As Yoga Vasishta says, Mind alone is the body. It is the mind alone that conjures up this world-vision. Minimalistic living is not just a need for saving the environment but also a means to retain the authentic essence within us.

This must especially be discussed with children who are growing in a world where every truth has a complication form. Remind children that the most complicated challenges are solved by the simplest act of kindness.


Being authentic in a world of Artificial Intelligence
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Seek Knowledge

The ancient scripture ‘Chandogya Upanishad’ says that above knowledge is our aspiration for knowledge. The mind will stop thinking and evolving if it is devoid of this tendency. Knowledge gives power to the investigating authority within us. To remain more authentic and truer to our being, one must be a constant seeker of knowledge. Ignorance brings confusion and chaos which gives rise to negative tendencies like laziness, anger, impatience etc. The tendency and curiosity to attain knowledge gives the zeal to delve deeper in a subject and understand its power.

Parents must especially focus on developing this key facility in children by encouraging them to observe the world around them. Answer their questions and encourage a positive dialogue.

Find Your own Truth

Truth is subjective and a reflection of our perception. For one person the truth about mountains may be beauty and adventure while for the other, it may be danger. Our derivation of truth is based on how we assimilate the knowing to our experiences. This process called Svadhaya is not a process of acquiring new knowledge but a way of reflecting on the knowledge and developing the ability of using it when the right time comes. Discover your own truth to remain authentic to your core.


Being authentic in a world of Artificial Intelligence
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What is your inference about a topic based on your Svadhaya? Your understanding is unique, and that uniqueness is what propels the humankind to move from moderation to evolution.

In conclusion I want to reiterate that I am not against AI. It has after all manifested as an outcome of human intelligence itself. Remember that we are still the main character of our story and AI is probably that shadow tool that may be used as a guidepost and can never replace your inner voice. Our intuition, our intellectual ability to turn knowledge in wisdom is our privilege as humans. Let’s use AI as a medium to gain more knowledge, not as a means to avoid the depth of a subject.

After all, the flower of wisdom never flourishes in shallow terrains.


Being authentic in a world of Artificial Intelligence
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Ekta Bajaj is a writer, visual artist, motivational speaker and Co-Founder of the award-winning publishing company, Author In Me. She is also the author of the empowering book, ‘The Voice of Kali’, and co-author of ‘Book of Affirmations for Children’. Her deep passion for storytelling and positive thinking has inspired her to research the ancient knowledge of Vedanta that provides a holistic approach towards developing mental and emotional strength.

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