Soundbites from The Great Indian Wellness Show 2021

Soundbites from The Great Indian Wellness Show 2021

The Great Big Indian Wellness Show by iGlobal came at a time when England is coming out of an 18-month-long lockdown. It is not easy to recall a time pre-Covid but it may finally be possible to look beyond Covid.

A two-day virtual event, on July 16 and 17, with a focus on all aspects of wellness and solely focussing on holistic wellbeing could not have been better timed. The event showcased a galaxy of over 60 wellness experts, engaging sessions and masterclasses on Yoga and Meditation, Ayurveda and Mindfulness, Healthy Eating and Workouts, and so much more wellness magic.

Besides nuggets of advice from the masters of wellness, there was also a lot of entertainment packed into the sessions. The experts dealt with a wide array of questions that play on our minds on the road to health and fitness and also helped bust many myths, be it around weight loss diets or diabetes.

Apart from general wellness, fitness sessions, mindfulness, and meditation, some exclusive shows on subjects like workplace wellbeing, Ayurveda for long-term Covid, sound bath meditation, parenting the Ayurveda way, and many such were a real eye-opener.


Soundbites from The Great Indian Wellness Show 2021
Beyond Covid: Let's Talk Immunity

Here's a lookback at the highlights through key soundbites from the experts:


"Parenting the Ayurveda way, it all starts before the pregnancy, when both parents start thinking about having a baby." Katja Patel of Zest for Yoga

"Coming from an Indian background, we all are passively incorporating Ayurveda in our life. We just don't know that we are." Geeta Vara of Geeta Vara Ayurveda

"To get to the root of the problem and not just put a plaster on the immediate symptom – Ayurveda is great for that." Jyoti Chadda of My Wellness Company


"The sister science of Yoga is Ayurveda, and together, we create a healing place…

"Deal with your pain now. It's not going anywhere. The body is very good at warning you that something is not right."

Mala Seecoomer – Masterclass of Therapeutic Yoga

"Yoga is a spiritual solution to mental & physical problems. We can think about Yoga as a very holistic system that orients you towards taking care of all the dimensions of your life – physical, mental & also spiritual…

"Yoga is a method given by ancient Rishis to the human race, used for millions of years to study, explain, and experience the mysteries of the mind and human nature."

Dr Ramesh Pattni OBE from Chinmaya Mission UK

Workplace Wellness

"Because your home is your work now, a lot of employers are putting subtle pressures on the workers." Vinay Tanna of Garner & Hancock Solicitors and Notaries

"Business leaders have a big responsibility because they employ other people. They do have a big role to play in signposting employees who are going through #mentalhealth problems and know the right direction to send them to." Paul Price of Mindfully Pauli


Soundbites from The Great Indian Wellness Show 2021
Diabetes - Myths Buster

Kids Wellness

"Children are born mindful; they do a bit of a reboot over the night & start the new day afresh whereas we are holding onto stuff." Shehnaaz Latif of My Wellness Zone

"Particularly in recent months, isolation has played a big role with children & how able they are to sit or to engage with people, communicate easily." Sunita Shah of The Jai Jais

"Don't set rules for children that you don't follow yourself." Rahim Eboo on Digital Detox

Mental Health & Wellbeing

"Postpartum depression is very common. One out of every ten women who give birth will have postpartum #depression." Prapti Dutt of KeepWell Mantras Masterclass on post-pregnancy transformation

"We all get anxious sometime or the other. We all feel those ups and downs. But how we handle them shows our mental strength & wellbeing…

"Mental wellbeing is probably a better way of taking the mental health conversation forward."

Priya Amlani of Amlani Coaching

Self Development & Mindfulness

"See people as they are – whole & complete. Embrace their flaws as well as greatness." Ambika Sampat of FITBANKER

"If you are waiting for something to happen to make you happy, chances are you're never going to be truly happy." Neil Shah of International Wellbeing Insights & Stress Management Society

"Art in itself is complete mindfulness. Because art is non-judgmental, it is all about interpretation." Rajen Shah of ArtKulture at the Art of Mindfulness session


"Meditation is medication; when we look within & re-connect with our body, it brings us to our natural being of peace." Brahma Kumari Sister Jaymini Patel

"What's happening in the outside world is easy for us. We are the most comfortable generation on the planet. But we can't say we are the happiest generation. There is something fundamental that is missing." Arundhati Rajesh of Isha Foundation

"This has nothing to do with sitting in an actual bath, you'll be pleased to know." Claire Paphitis of The Ayurveda Coach on Sound Bath Meditation session


Soundbites from The Great Indian Wellness Show 2021
Pillars Of Transformation


"The real identity crisis happens when a person gets into shape. The key is to make that transition so you can stay there…

"Rewiring our relationship with food, getting in shape & staying in shape, taking gradual steps to change, body as a scorecard of the mind - some Pillars of Transformation."

Akash Vaghela of RNT Fitness

"Sedentary life takes a toll on our physical health. Sitting is, unfortunately the new smoking…

"These feel-good endorphins are there, and they are free. They are in our bodies, and they can be released so easily by doing something that you enjoy 5 mins a day."

iGlobal Columnist Lavina Mehta MBE on Exercise Snacking

"When we do exercise, there is a release of good hormones, good chemicals in our body, which helps us to think positive throughout the day." Self-Development Coach Azmina Jiwa

Healthy Eating

"We all have our relationship with sugar. I call it a relationship because we can't even imagine doing without it." iGlobal Columnist Sujata Din on conquering your Sweet Tooth

"We don't eat because we are hungry. We eat because our body needs these nutritions." Kajal Kaj of Kajal’s Kitchen

"What I advocate with my clients is called 'flexible dieting'. The whole idea around this is that there is no 'bad food'. It's how you eat them and when you eat them." Urvashi Lad of Ush Push Fitness

"If you want to digest your food better, bin the cold drinks & the fizzy pops. Drink water. That's all our bodies need." Nilam Wright of Curry on Cooking Ltd

"Food science has always been around us. Our ancestors relied on this to make incredible choices & this have been passed down to us by our ancestors, by our parents, grandparents." Sonali Dattani of Body Plot on Food Science

"One of the early signs that you may notice even as a young person, like someone in your 20s, is when you get irritable or 'hangry', that can be a sign of type II Diabetes." Dr Bhasha Mukherjee on fighting diabetes

"It's so upsetting to hear from my patients that they have completely eliminated carbs from their diet. I explain to them how important carbs are as a source of energy, B vitamins, fibre." Fareeha Jay on Diabetes Myth-Busting.

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